1) Do I have to sign a Client Agreement at my session?
          - Yes. Each client is required to sign a Client Agreement the day of the session. MDP will not hold a session without the agreement being signed. The Client Agreement states:

"As an MDP client I am aware that the images I am presented with are the artistic interpretation of the MDP Studio/Photographer. I am aware that with my session purchase a disc of my images is included along with the right to print at a vendor of my choosing. I am aware that MDP has highly recommended nationsphotolab.com to print and do not hold MDP responsible for poor prints/cropping/color from vendors outside of nationsphotolab.com. I also understand that while I have purchased the rights to print these images I have not purchased the copyright which means I many not alter, change, or edit the images in any way."

2) What is a deposit?
          - The deposit for your session is $75 and it reserves your date and time on the MDP calendar. It is paid up front, upon booking. This booking fee is associated with every package MDP offers except the Milestone Package and Wedding Packages (Wedding deposits are $150). 

3) What happens if I reschedule my session?
          - MDP realizes that things happen and sometimes sessions need to be rescheduled. The $75 deposit allows for ONE reschedule of a session. If the session needs to be rescheduled a second time the original deposit is void and a new deposit of $75 will need to be paid to reserve a new date and time on the calendar. 

4) Is the deposit in addition to or part of my session price?
          - Deposits are in addition to, separate from, your session price.

5) Are deposits refundable?
          - No. 

6) When do I pay the Session Fee?
          - Session fees, plus any applicable taxes, are due the day of your session.

7) How many images will be on my disc?
          - MDP operates differently from other photographers. We have a firm standing that you hire us for photos of your people...why should we withhold them? The policy of the studio is, we will not be stingy with your photos. Because we operate with this policy, it is impossible to give you a definite number your disc will have on it.

8) What is a Print Release?
          - A print release is a document from the MDP Studio that gives the purchaser of the session (or the person to whom the session was gifted) the rights to print their own images. MDP recommends STRONGLY that clients use the printing services of nationsphotolab.com. We recommend this for a couple of reasons. The first is, the monitor used to edit your images is calibrated to nationsphotolab's printers. This means you will get what you see on your disc - not some distorted, color adjusted version. The other reason is this is a professional printing lab which uses high quality paper and ink and the quality of your prints will exceed your expectations, every time! 

9) Isn't a Print Release and a Copyright Release the same thing?
          - No. They are totally different. MDP does not release the copyright to images (only in rare occasions for commercial work with magazines and/or businesses - but this must be purchased.)

10) What colors/style of clothing should I choose for our session with MDP?
          - First and foremost, dress so you are comfortable! If you're going to dress up to the 9's, be comfortable! If you're going to be more casual in your attire, wear things that you feel comfortable and good in! If you don't feel like you look good, if you don't feel comfortable in what you're wearing it will look like it in your photos! So be comfy! As for color choice, I definitely recommend solid colors! Natural/Neutral colors are awesome with pops of deep tones! STAY AWAY FROM NEONS!! In case you missed that, STAY AWAY FROM NEONS! These colors just aren't flattering on anyone! Try to keep patterns and such to a minimum. Plaids are good, and all patterns but we don't want your clothes to be the focal point! We want YOU to be the focus! 

11) Can I send you (MDP) screenshots from the web of images I like?
          -Absolutely! Just remember, when you're hiring a member of the art community (a photographer for example) you are hiring someone who has an established style. If the style of the photographer/artist isn't the style you're wanting, you probably shouldn't hire that artist. Most of us will be strongly opinionated toward not copying the work of other artists in our community (locally or abroad)....besides, artists are the original Pinterest...you should just trust us.

12) What is your policy on Gift Cards?
          -Gift cards may be used toward a regular session or wedding. Only one gift card may be used per session. Gift Cards may not be used for a mini session as those are already considered discounted sessions.